Professor Mike Holcombe

Director of the Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC)

The BioIncubator, home of the ACRC.

The ACRC is an industry-facing research centre with expertise in Big data analytics; Software testing and QA; and Large-scale Simulation.

Research in Computational Biology:

using agent-based modelling and the FLAME framework

Innate immune system - the role of NFkappa-B

How the actin cytoskeleton helps to control responses to infection.

What effect do key co-receptors such as TILLR have on the process?

Oxygen processing in E. coli

The role of FNR in the management of oxygen and the transition between aerobic and anaerobic processing

The blood-brain barrier - how does it work?

Detailed simulation of blood flow in capillaries and how nano particles interact with receptors

MapKinase is involved in many, often conflicting, processes. how does this work?

The EURACE model of the European Economy is one of the largest and most detailed models ever built.


Agile development - textbook

Running an Agile Software Development Project, Published by Wiley.


actin simulation

E.coli simulation

Blood brain barrier

Some recent publications