The University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science

Information for New Members of Staff

This page plugs newcomers to DCS into the various things you need to know and things you need to do. It's meant for staff and research students (PGRs). Your first steps are:

  • You should
  • FAQs -The answers to questions like How to get a key, an account, a coffee?
  • The University Staff Induction Portal - gives you an overview of the University, its buildings, its policies and procedures and the range of roles undertaken at the University which we hope you will find informative and engaging. It includes an online quiz that will allow you to test and improve your knowledge of a variety of University facts and information about important events and people in our history.

Health and Safety

  • You can find all the Department's Health and Safety information at DCS Health and Safety Information - the departmental safety manual.
  • New staff members are expected to complete Health and Safety Induction as soon as they start their contract.
  • The University Health and Safety Department provides several on-line courses.
  • The following courses have been designed to meet the legal obligations placed upon the University. You can access these from by supplying your CICS username & password. Results are recorded in Health & Safety’s central training record database.   You must complete courses on:
    • Fire Safety: It is a mandatory requirement that all staff and postgraduate students complete the online Fire Safety course annually.
    • Display Screen Equipment training: It is a mandatory requirement that all staff and postgraduate students complete the online Display Screen Equipment training upon arrival and after changes to their computer workstation layout.
    • Out of Hours: must be completed if you want to work outside the department’s normal working hours (8-6 weekdays). Completion of this training course will remain valid for 3 years.
    Should you have any queries with regard to these online courses please contact
  • Health and Safety Officer - If in doubt, talk to the DCS Health and Safety Officer - Andrew Lessiter