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MSc Dissertation 2005/06

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Abstracts are publicly available, dissertations are only available within the campus and code is only available to academic staff.

Dissertations marked '*' are those which achieved a Distinction mark.

Author Title Abstract Dissertation Code

Tarek Abdunabi Modelling and Autonomous Flight Simulation of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
dissertation code

Nyla Ahmed Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems

Omar Alvi Motion Stitching Using Inverse Kinematicst
dissertation code
* John Auld P Systems Modelling Framework abstract dissertation code *

Hojjatollah Azadbakht Accent Morphing abstract dissertation code
* Jessica Cauchard Design and Development of a Viewing Software for a Synchronised experience in virtual and real museums
dissertation code *
* WeiWei Cheng A user interface for cellular models abstract dissertation code *

Stephen Davison Query Expansion using Associative Methods abstract dissertation code
* Jian Gong Comparing non-native and native speech perception in noise abstract dissertation

Niranjan Hagadur Srirama X-Machine Toolkit within Eclipse Platform; abstract dissertation code
* Mariam Kiran Comparative Analysis of Hypercomputational Systems abstract dissertation code *
* Ajay Lakhani Detours in Foraging Strategies
dissertation code *

Di Liu Mgrate WinCASE Tool into Eclipse abstract dissertation code

Trupti Mulajkar Hierarchical Clustering of Microarray Data based on Empirical Covariance abstract dissertation code

David Pickard Simulation of Boids "The Flocking Paradigm" abstract dissertation code

Priya Ramachandran Computer Aided Learning and Web Based Assessment abstract dissertation code

Prithis Samaddar Adapting a cardiac tissue model to run on a parallel machine with distributed memory abstract dissertation code
* Meshael Sultan Multiple Choice Question Answering; abstract dissertation code *

Ahmar Tareen A Graphical CCS Simulator abstract dissertation code

Azmat Ullah Generating Statecharts from scenarios; abstract dissertation code
* Pavlos Vrionides Swarm Intelligence: An Artificial Life Simulator Exploring the Role of Local Communication in Task Allocation and Switching in Ants abstract dissertation code *

dissertation code
* Lei Xia of Adaptive Relationship Extraction by Machine Learning
dissertation code *

Neerja Yadav Debugger for testing of objects by interception of communication
dissertation code

Rui Zhang Recognition of nasality and nasal air flow problems in children with cleft palate and/or velopharngeal incompetence abstract dissertation code