The University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science

2005 Research Memoranda

CS-05-12 R.Mill and G.Brown Auditory-Based Time-Frequency Representations and Feature Extraction Techniques for Sonar Processing.
CS-05-11 M.N.Gamito and S.C.Maddock A Progressive Refinement Approach for the Visualisation of Implicit Surfaces.
CS-05-10 T Polajnar, V.Tablan and H.Cunningham User-Friendly Ontology Authoring Using a Controlled Language.
CS-05-09 M.Stannett The Theory of X-Machines - Part 1.
CS-05-08 R.Gaizauskas, M.Hepple, H.Saggion, M.Greenwood and Y.Wilks Supple: A Practical Parser for Natural Language Engineering Applications.
CS-05-07 P.McMinn uktest 2005 - UK Software Testing Research III.
CS-05-06 N.King and N.D.Lawrence Variational Inference in Gaussian Processes via Probabilistic Point Assimilation.
CS-05-05 N.Webb, M.Hepple and Y.Wilks Error Analysis of Dialogue Act Classification.
CS-05-04 M.N.Gamito and S.C.Maddock Ray Casting Implicit Procedural Noises with Reduced Affine Arithmetic.
CS-05-03 N.Webb, M.Hepple and Y.Wilks Empirical determination of thresholds for optimal dialogue act classification.
CS-05-02 M.N.Gamito and S.C.Maddock Anti-aliasing with Stratified B-spline Filters of Arbitrary Order.
CS-05-01 N.Webb, M.Hepple and Y.Wilks Dialogue Act Classification Based on Intra-Utterance Features.