The University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science

2006 Research Memoranda

CS-06-12 P.Hofner and G.Struth Algebraic Notions of Non-Termination.
CS-06-11 A.J.Cowling A Revised Denotational Semantics for the Dataflow Algebra.
CS-06-10 J.S.Karn and A.J.Cowling A Follow Up Study into the Effect of Disruptions on the Performance of Software Engineering Teams.
CS-06-09 R.Schmidt and G.Struth Relations and Kleene Algebra in Computer Science: Proceedings of the PhD Programme at RelMiCS/AKA 2006.
CS-06-08 G.Sanguinetti and N.Lawrence Missing Data in Kernel PCA.
CS-06-07 G.Struth Reductions and Algorithms for Lattices with Complements.
CS-06-06 G.Sanguinetti, N.Lawrence and M.Rattray Probabilistic inference of transcription factor concentrations and gene-specific regulatory activities.
CS-06-05 N.Lawrence Large Scale Learning with the Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model.
CS-06-04 H.Loftsson Tagging Icelandic text: A linguistic rule-based approach.
CS-06-03 N.Lawrence The Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model.
CS-06-02 G.Sanguinetti, M.Rattray and N.Lawrence A probabilistic model to integrate ChIP and microarray data.
CS-06-01 M.Greenwood and M.Stevenson On the Expressiveness of Information Extraction Patterns.