The University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science

PhD Theses 2005-2006

Apr 2005 James Edge PhD S Maddock & M Cooke Techniques for the Synthesis of Visual Speech
Apr 2005 Sharifah Syed-Abdullah PhD M Holcombe Empirical Study on Extreme Programming
May 2005 Philip Bird PhD A Cowling Unifying Programming Paradigms: Logic programming & finite state automata
May 2005 Fang Huang PhD Y Wilks Multi-Document Summarization with Latent Semantic Analysis
Jan 2005 Philip McMinn PhD M Holcombe Evolutionary Search for Test Data in the Presence of State Behaviour
Jan 2005 Eketerini Pastra PhD Y Wilks Vision - Language Integration: a Double-Grounding Case
Dec 2004 Alexiei Dingli PhD Y Wilks Annotating the Semantic Web
Nov 2004 Wim Peters PhD Y Wilks Detection and Characterization of Figurative Language Use WordNet
Nov 2004 Renata Camargo PhD M Niranjan Mining the Evolutionary and Functional Relationships of Protein Hetrogenous Biological Databases
Nov 2004 Joaquin Aguado PhD A Cowling Conformance testing of Distributed Systems: an X-machine based approach
Oct 2004 Diego Uribe PhD Y Wilks LEEP: Learning Event Extraction Patterns