The University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science

COM3009 Robotics

Summary This module is concerned with the design and implementation of the technology underpinning contemporary robotics. The course has a multidisciplinary content spanning psychology, computer science and robotics.
Session Spring 2021/22
Credits 20
  • Formal exam and laboratory work
Lecturer(s) Dr Kevin Li Sun & Professor Roger Moore

This unit aims to:

  • Provide an understanding of the principles and practices underlying contemporary robotics;
  • Provide practical experience of implementing and evaluating such principles and practices in a collaborative laboratory environment.

By the end of the unit, a candidate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practices underlying contemporary robotics;
  • Apply such principles and practices in a real-world robotics task using ROS.
  • Robot Programming, ROS/Webots
  • Sensing, Actuation & Control
  • Autonomous Systems, Control Theory & PID Control
  • Reaching & Grasping
  • Local Guidance Strategies
  • Localisation, Path Planning & Maps
  • Sensor Fusion & SLAM
  • Robot Learning
  • Cognitive & Interactive Systems
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Swarm Robotics
Restrictions Available only to students on Computer Science and/with Maths programmes. This module cannot be taken with or after COM2005 or COM2009.
Teaching Method
  • The course will be delivered using a mix of lectures and laboratory sessions. The lectures will convey the principles and the laboratory sessions will deliver the associated practical skills.
  • 20 hours of Lectures
  • 20 hours of Laboratory Sessions
Feedback Assignments marked using published criteria, submission commented and returned by Blackboard within 3 weeks.
Recommended Reading
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