The University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science

COM6906 Dissertation Project


This is a research led project that is supervised by a member of staff. In order to ensure best use of the summer study period, project preparation and planning is carried out in semester 2, which is separately assessed. Project activities take place during the summer period using Departmental facilities and students are exposed to the latest methods and ideas in the area of their project. There is scope for students to demonstrate their critical skills and topic-related knowledge to a high level.

Session Grad Year 2021/22
Credits 60
Assessment Assessment of the module is by a dissertation that is produced towards the end of the summer, complemented by a presentation session where the work done is to be demonstrated and questions answered. If considered appropriate by the examiners an oral examination may be held.
Lecturer(s) A project supervisor will be allocated during week 11 of the Autumn semester.
Resources Unconfirmed practical marks when available

This unit aims to give the student the opportunity:

  • to demonstrate research skills by integrating material learnt throughout the MSc course with new material learnt during the project and applying this to a substantial open-ended problem of relevance to their specialism
  • to undertake an individual piece of work in an area of their own choice;
  • to demonstrate and improve their technical abilities in the areas relevant to the project;
  • to demonstrate and improve their professional skills, particularly those of time and work management, understanding of relevant social, legal and ethical issues, and risk assessment and management;
  • to demonstrate their skills in imparting technical information both orally and in writing.

By the end of the unit, a candidate will be able to demonstrate:

  • the ability to apply computer science and/or software engineering principles to produce a solution to an open-ended problem;
  • an in-depth knowledge of the state-of-the-art in the project area;
  • practical skills appropriate to the project area;
  • an ability to plan and manage their time effectively, whilst giving due consideration to, and reflection on, risk management and relevant social, legal and ethical issues;
  • an ability to document the work that they have done, review it critically, and present it to others.
Content The content of the project is typically selected by the student from a range of topics proposed by the staff or industrial partners of the department. Students are also encouraged to propose their own topic, provided they can find a supervisor willing to supervise it and with the agreement of the Projects Officer.
Teaching Method Students use departmental facilities and are exposed to the state-of-the-art methods and equipment relevant to the project topic. Students are expected to progress their project according to their previously developed plan. The progress made is reviewed at regular meetings with their supervisor(s).
Feedback Regular meetings with their supervisor.
Recommended Reading None - background reading material will be specified separately for each project.
IP Exemption This module is exempt from the University's Regulations relating to Intellectual Property which can be found at: