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Academic and Support Deadlines (all deadlines are in com-department calendar)

  • Monday 22nd October 2018: Call for MSc project descriptions
  • Monday 5th November 2018: Deadline for MSc project descriptions
  • Monday 12th November 2018: MSc project descriptions available to students on MOLE
  • Monday 10th - Friday 14th December 2018: MSc project allocation week
  • Monday 4th March 2019: Call for UG project descriptions
  • Monday 25th March 2019: Deadline for UG project descriptions
  • Monday 1st April 2019: UG project descriptions available to students on MOLE
  • Projects lecture: Wednesday 3rd April 2019, 1-2pm, Diamond LT4.
  • Project presentations (current 3rd years): Tuesday 7th May 2019
  • Monday 13th - Friday 17th May 2019: UG project allocation week

Marking Projects

Supervisor and second markers should mark projects separately. If their individual marks differ by more than 10% or if they cross a degree boundary, they should consult together about the final mark.  They should then fill in a brief account of their consultation and the reasons they decided on the final mark in the combined form.

  • The on-line marking system
  • The on-line marking system for MSc Interim Reports (COM6905 background reports)
  • The Guidelines for Interim and Final reports
  • The undergraduate initial report is not formally marked but the purpose of these submissions is to ensure that the students are engaged with the project, have thought about the topic, and have a plan for the work they will do in the first semester. The document should be a basis for some preliminary feedback and discussion about the project direction. Although they are not to be marked formally, but if the student's submission is unsatisfactory then they can be asked to resubmit.
  • Project presentation: The supervisor and the second marker should attend the project presentation.  If you are unable to attend the project presentation, please arrange for someone else to attend in your place, and to report back to you, or arrange for a separate viva/individual project presentation.



  • If your project student requires an extension, this will need to be approved by the Projects Officer. You as supervisor will need to email the Projects Officer and officially request an extension, explaining whether you support this request or not. If a student has provided an ECF which supports the extension, you should include a copy of the form (and cc to to add to the extenuating circumstances database). The Projects Officer should then let you know whether they approve the extension. Once you have confirmation, you can email the student to let them know what their new deadline will be.
  • For extensions of up to 5 working days, the Projects Officer will decide whether to approve the request. For extensions longer than 5 working days, the Projects Officer will consult with the Director of Learning and Teaching and possibly other members of the Exam Scrutiny Panel.

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