STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

I am a registered STEM ambassador and run workshops and activities on computing, programming and interaction electronics. Mostly this is for primary school teachers and clubs, working within both the Computing and the Design and Technology curricula. I use the University of Sheffield Pi Bank. You can make some very exciting things out of some simple electronics linked to a Raspberry Pi, with a bit of Scratch or Python programming. Here are some of the things we have built:
  • Three wheeled line following and obstacle sensing robots
  • Lighthouse information display and model lighthouse
  • Halloween pumpkin that screams and oozes blood
  • Bee simulation using modelling clay, magnets, and magnetic switches
  • An Apollo space rocket
Some of my workshops and activities:
  • Two workshops for teachers: Shropshire Council Computing, ICT and e-safety Conference 2015, 12 March 2015, Shrewsbury, UK.
  • Two workshops for teachers: Shropshire Council Primary D&T network, 11 November 2014, Shrewsbury, UK.
  • Several ICT clubs and sessions at primary schools.