Welcome to GATE's Syntax Tree Browser/Editor Demo!

This demo requires a Web browser supporting Java 2 or one with a Java 2 Plug-in installed. If you experience any problems, please consult your system administrator.

For an explanation and help see below.

What is the Syntax Tree Browser/Editor?

This applet demonstrates some of the functionality of GATE2 Syntax Tree Browser/Editor (STB/E). This browser similar to all other GATE2 viewers has been implemented in Java 2 using Swing user interface components. Since it is also a Java Bean, it can be integrated flexibly in any Java application, applet or as a part of a custom-built viewer.

The input and the output are annotations compliant with GATE2 Java Document Manager API.

STB/E has the following functionality:

Annotating (Parts of) an Utterance

The annotation proceeds from bottom to top, where first each word can be assigned an appropriate tag. To do that, select a word by clicking on it and then right-click it to see the menu with available categories. Select the most appropriate category.

To combine non-terminal category nodes into higher-level non-terminals (e.g. DET and N into a NP), select all non-terminal nodes for the category by clicking each one of them and also holding the CTRL key for multiple selection. Then right-click to display the category menu and select the most appropriate category.

To delete a wrongly annotated non-terminal node, select it and then press the DEL key.

To view all new annotations you just added, click the Show Annotations button and it will display in the near-by field a list of all annotations in their span and attribute format. For an explanation of spans, attributes and annotations see GATE2 Document Manager pages and the TIPSTER specification.
Note that the next time you view the new annotations, those previously added will not be displayed.

Customising the Available Categories

The given list of available categories is just for demo purposes. The categories can be specified programmatically and could differ from one application to another. This functionality is supplied by the GATE2 Document Manager.