Real Ales

In recent years there has been a gradual increase in the number of small local breweries who brew their own uniquely flavoured real ales.  This part of my website, aims to promote some of those breweries, mainly those who I believe brew fantastic real ales.

The opinions expressed about the ales on the following pages are entirely mine. If you disagree with my opinion then tough, after all they are only opinions, and everyone has different tastes when it comes to food and drink.

Isle of Arran Brewery

Set in the shadow of Arranís imposing Brodick Castle, with panoramic views of Brodick Bay and Goatfell mountain, the new, high-tech micro-brewery blends naturally with its stunning surroundings. Built to the highest standards to ensure that quality and consistency are maintained, they combine the art of traditional brewing with a natural blend of the islandís unique water and the finest ingredients. The result is a range of ales which, like Arran itself, offers something very special. Their beers are natural, reflecting the unique ambience of the island itself... a haven where nature still holds sway, where traditional values are still nurtured.

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Black Sheep Brewery

The Brewery was set up in Masham by Paul Theakston, the fifth generation of Masham's famous brewing family and is going from strength to strength. The Black Sheep Brewery now sells to over 700 pubs as well as supplying a number of pub groups as well as major supermarkets and off licences. The Brewery's most recent award was to be named Brewer of the Year by the Good Pub Guide 2001. As fifth generation of Masham's famous brewing family Paul Theakston is aware his new brewery has a lot to live up to. Paul left his former family firm T & R Theakston in 1988 after a takeover by Scottish and Newcastle Breweries.

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Wychwood Brewery

Wychwood is today at the forefront of the worlds microbrewery industry scorching a trail in the U.K. bottled beer market, exporting handmade beers all over the world and expanding a busy pub estate to over 30 outlets since 1992.

In January 1996 they began bottling their flagship brand Hobgoblin which, in less than three years, has become the 5th biggest selling bottled ale in the U.K. This is a remarkable feat considering they have no money available for advertising whilst their competitors, the National and Regional Brewers, spend literally millions on promoting and advertising their beers.

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