Java Development

This page list a number of bits of Java software I've developed over a number of years which hopefully other people will find useful.

Unless otherwise stated all the software is Copyright Mark Greenwood and is licensed to you under the GNU General Public License.

Swing Components

A collection of a number of useful Java Swing GUI components that developers may find useful when building GUI applications.

  JSpell v1.0 (Released 28/03/2005)

This is a basic spelling correction library that as well as telling you that a word is not in the dictionary will actually provide suggestions to correct the proposed spelling error. For instance the incorrect word 'woords' has the following as suggestions woods, words, wood and word all of which are valid and could easily be the word the user was trying to type.

  DateParser v1.1 (Released 28/03/2004)

This class attempts to parse a variety of date formats and was developed due to the inability to easily parse dates in Java, especially dates such as 14th April when no year is specified. This class allows dates to be parsed either with respect to today (so 14th April would be understood to be the 14th April in the current year) or against any given date. The parser also handles dates strings such as; today, tomorrow, yesterday. Note that currently when parsing short dates (i.e. 01/29/1980) only American formatting is supported, that is the month is given before the day.