"What's Greenspring?" I hear you ask.  Well it's simply me and a mate who have worked together to develop some slightly useful pieces of software.  This site is only a temporary home for the Greenspring software, which will eventually move to a nice permanent home on the Internet.

At the moment there isn't really much here, but this should soon change as we put the finishing touches to a few pieces of useful software.  The following pieces of software are currently available or in-development.

The copyright of all the Greenspring material on this website, including photos, software and the web pages themselves  are copyright Mark Greenwood and Rob Oxspring,

AutoRun and AutoInf
These two utilities are intended to be included on a CD, to allow you to autorun any file type not just executables, and to allow you to install software using inf files from the context menu of the CD drive.
Backup Tools
This basically consists of a number of small utilities that allow you to backup your settings for a variety of well know applications and games.
This is a useful utitlity that I use quite a lot. It enables you to work out what command line arguments are being passed to any application.
This Java applet allows you to restrict access to certain files/directories on your website.
If you've ever used GetRight to download a series of files from the Internet then you will know how useful it is. Well there is a small utility (originally for Unix) called wget, which is a command-line tool very similar to GetRight, but which allows (under Unix) for you to set it going and then log off, while it carry's on downloading. This utility converts the download lists used by GetRight to the format that wget accepts.