Natural Language Processing Research

Since October 2001 I have been involved in numerous natural language processing (NLP) projects, including attempting to gain a PhD in NLP. This section of the site gives access to some of the research I have undertaken over the years as well as other related items.

The main points of interest are the research areas in which I have been active and the publications this research has resulted in.

Academic Publications
An exhaustive list of the publications in which I have been involved through the NLP research I have undertaken.
Talks and Posters
On occasions I've given talks or produced a poster which was not directly related to a publication. If you're looking for slides used to present a paper then these can be found along with the actual publication.
Question Answering (PhD Research)
This contains all my research related to my PhD thesis on open-domain question answering
NLP Software
Some NLP software I've developed which isn't directly related to my research into Question Answering. This includes a number of GATE processing resources such as the Noun Phrase Chunker.
RESuLT Project
This is a EPSRC funded research project into unsupervised methods for event extraction on which I am currently employed as a research associate.

The following, while not exactly research, are none the less useful or interesting to any researcher working in natural language processing.

See the World via Conferences
This section lists the conferences I have been lucky enough to visit while researching NLP. As well as giving details of the conferences I will also give details of the wonderful cities visited on these trips.
Recommended NLP Textbooks
This section lists some NLP related textbooks that I have found useful and would recommend to anyone wanting to gain good a grounding in NLP.
Useful Links
This section includes links to all the WWW resources that I have found useful in some way.