What's Wrong With ?

Depending how old your browser actually is possibly nothing. You have been able to access this page simply because the browser you are using does not correctly implement a technology known as CSS Level 1, which I use heavily throughout this website.

I have made every attempt to enable every browser to view this website and hopefully I've done a good enough job so that you can correctly view most of the pages without any problems. Unfortunately I can't guarantee that everything will work correctly.

So what should you do? Well firstly you can attempt to navigate this site using your current browser while being aware that not everything this site has to offer will necessarily be available to you. Or you could upgrade to a newer web browser and then fully appreciate this and many other modern websites. I've listed some popular web browsers which you might like to try:

If you are a Netscape user and are happy with the way your browser works and feels then maybe the best option would be to simply upgrade your browser to the newest version.
If you like Netscape but are not interested in all the extras that tend to get bundled in with the browsers then you could try Mozilla. Mozilla is in fact the open source version of Netscape, and so uses the same rendering engine, and themes and so you should be right at home.
If like me you want a standards compliant browsers but don't want a new e-mail client or chat client etc, but JUST the browser then Firefox is definitely for you. It's a nice small download (well relative to the others anyway) and uses the same rendering engine as Mozilla but without all the other bundled apps - this is my personal favourite.
Internet Explorer
Of course if you are a Microsoft Windows user then you could use Internet Explorer although you may still want to check that it is up-to-date.

Whatever you choose to do I hope that you will have enjoyed visiting my website.