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July 2015: I’ll be lecturing in China in my role as Distinguished Lecturer for the International Speech Communication Association.

20 April 2015: I’ll be giving a talk to the CogNovo Cognition Colloquium in Plymouth.

24/25 February 2015: I’ll be attending an EPSRC workshop on Future Intelligent Technologies in Oxford.

24-31 January 2015: I'll be giving a series of talk in Puerto Rico on the 2nd leg of my world tour as Distinguished Lecturer for the International Speech Communication Association.

15 January 2015: Our paper on A user-centric design of permanent magnetic articulography based assistive speech technology won best paper at BIOSIGNALS-2015 in Lisbon

9-16 December 2014: I’ll be lecturing in India (Guwahati, Hyderbad, Bangalore) in my role as Distinguished Lecturer for the International Speech Communication Association.

19-21 November 2014: I've agreed to give a Keynote talk on Spoken Language Interaction with Intelligent Systems at IberSPEECH 2014 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

5-7 November 2014: I'm giving an invited talk on Mutual Beliefs Desires Intentions Actions and Consequences (MBDIAC): Towards A Computational Framework for “Intelligent” Interactive Agents at CogInfoCom-2014 in Vietri sul Mare, Salerno, Italy.

14-16 October 2014: I'll be giving a Keynote entitled Spoken Language Processing: Time to Look Outside? at 2nd International Conference on Statistical Language and Speech Processing (SLSP 2014) in Grenoble.

September 2014 - February 2015: I have a one-semester sabbatical during which I’ll be progressing my research into Vocal interactivity In and Between Humans, Animals and Robots.

17/18 June 2014: I've been asked to give a Keynote on Human Language Understanding at the CHIST-ERA Conference in Istanbul.

7 May 2014: I'll be visiting the University of East Anglia to give a seminar about The Uncanny Valley.

4 April 2014: I'll be giving an invited talk Towards Communicative Machines at the AISB-50 Symposium on Embodied vs. Simulated Behaviour and Cognition: What can Robotics contribute to the Language Sciences? in London.

9 March 2014: I've been selected by the International Speech Communication association (ISCA) as one of their Distinguished Lecturers for 2014-15 - if you’d like me to come and give a talk (anywhere in the world) under the ISCA-DL scheme, details are here.

3-8 November 2013: I've been invited to participate in a Dagstuhl Seminar on Computational Audio Analysis at LZI Schloss Dagstuhl in Germany.

30 August 2013: I'll be talking about The Uncanny Valley  at The International Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction taking place in Cambridge.

29 August 2013: I've agreed to talk on Progress & Prospects for Speech Technology: What Ordinary People Think at the INTERSPEECH special session celebrating the 25th anniversary of ISCA in Lyon.

25 April 2013: I'm pictured (and quoted) in The Diary: Aye, robot but no scary stuff  in the Sheffield Star with Prof. Tony Prescott and 'Zeno' (our RoboKind expressive humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics).

5 April 2013: I'm quoted in “Real Humans”: pourquoi fabriquer des robots à notre image? at

25 March 2013: I’ve had a chapter entitled Spoken language processing: Where do we go from here? published in a book edited by Robert Trappl (Your Virtual Butler, LNAI, vol. 7407, pp. 111-125, Heidelberg: Springer).

20 February 2013: I'll be in discussion with artist Anna Barham on Language, Sounds & Artificial Voices at the Site Gallery in Sheffield.

13 February 2013: I'll be giving my talk Spoken Language Processing: where do we go from here? At the University of Coventry.

23-26 January 2013: Prof. Moore’s Digital voice Factory will feature at the Creative Speech Technology Articulate Roadshow in Scarborough.

8 January 2013: I'm quoted in The rise and fall of voice at

16 November 2012: I’ve had my first paper accepted for Nature - A Bayesian explanation of the 'Uncanny Valley' effects and related psychological phenomena (open access).


Dawkins (1991) + Gopnik et al (2001)

Spoken language is the most sophisticated behaviour of the most complex organism in the known universe.