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CastletonPi webcam …

As I commute from the midlands to the Peak District, I need to keep an eye on the road conditions (especially in the winter).  So here’s the view from our cottage in Castleton (powered by a Raspberry pi low-cost computer fitted with a webcam - this is how I did it).

Photography …

I first took an interest in photography as a child with guidance from my father (secretary of Swanage Camera Club for many years).  Initially working in black & white, I quickly moved on to taking and manipulating 35 mm colour transparencies.  Over time I have developed a creative style based on the recurring themes of pattern, design, colour and texture.  I was made an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in 1994.

I was a member of Worcestershire Camera Club for many years but, since taking up the job in Sheffield, I joined Sheffield Photographic Society and Castleton Photographic Society.  I’m a founder member of Infinity Plus - a fine art photography group based in the Midlands.

I don’t seem to be able to find enough time for photography these days, and my website is in much need of updating.

Running ...

I took up running in 1986

in order to get fit.  In those

days I was very keen on racing, and my best times are 38:21 for 10 km and 1:25:43 for ½ marathon.  In 2004 I finally took on the London Marathon and managed 3:24:17.  I’ve pretty much stopped entering races now, but I try to go for a run every other day simply for enjoyment (and to stay fit, of course).

The webcam may not display well (depending on your browser).  Chrome seems to work best.

The actual url is