Thomas Hain
PhD Projects
Here are some of the research areas that I am interested in. These are not yet PhD topics. If you are interested in a particular area the specific topic will be defined in discussions. If your favourite area is not here but you are still interested in a PhD with me, please CONTACT ME.
  1. Automatic System Optimisation
    e.g. Complex system optimisation
  2. Longitudinal Adaptation for Spoken Dialogue Systems
    e.g. Natural attentive man/machine conversation
  3. Domain independence
  4. Session variability modelling for speaker recognition
  5. New models for speech recognition
    eg. String models for speech
Current Projects
Davide Marino
Robust far field speech recognition
Sarah Al Shareef
Speech Reocognition of Conversational Arabic
GHada AlHarbi
Content linking from audiovisual recordings of lectures
Past Students
Matt Gibson - 2008
Minimum Bayes Risk Acoustic Model Estimation and Adpatation
Esmeralda Uraga
Speaker independent aritculatory speech recognition