COM2070 Software engineering practice - the Software Hut.

Information about the groups for this year.

List of groups.

  • Assessment details.

    Some lecture notes.

  • Java coding standards.
  • PHP coding standards.
  • VB coding standards.
  • System testing notes.
  • Further testing notes.
  • Software Hut Review Form.
  • Sample requirements document.
  • Specimen risk management analysis.
  • Software cost estimation case.
  • Why software projects fail.
  • Life cycle models and Personal Software Process.
  • Requirements Analysis. Quality Attributes.
  • Business Process Models.

    Please note that the conversion to htm has affected some of the notation and formatting.

    For example the notation for a business process should be


    bp: Memory X Input --> Output X Memory

  • Requirements Documentation notes.

    A sample requirements document.

  • Inspections and Quality Reviews.
  • Overview of Design processes. Prototyping.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Risk Analysis.
  • Test Management.
  • Help and User Documentation (some useful links to web texts)