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An Industry Facing Research and Development Centre
This industry-facing research centre will provide opportunities for companies to develop innovative products and services by exploiting the knowledge base of the University in the key areas of  Analytics, Software Quality, and Modelling and Simulation.

The Centre’s experienced academic and research staff will carry out highly  focussed R&D projects to the requirements of industrial  partners and deliver both ‘state of the art’ applications of the latest research and associated support and training.

The ACRC is dedicated to working with businesses in all areas where digital technology is a business critical aspect, from Global Giants to SMEs.
We already work with a number of member companies which pay an annual fee to access our resources and expertise,  and which help determine our research programme.
Contact: the Director Professor Mike Holcombe  - email m.holcombe@dcs.shef.ac.uk
Phone 0114 222 1802 +44 114 222 1802
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Access the latest research in software testing, data analytics and advanced simulation
Research projects fall into three categories:

Generic research carried out on behalf of the ADRC partnership, with results distributed to all partners. Generic projects are agreed by the board of members, and results are shared between all members.

Specific research for individual partners. The partner invests directly in the research and has exclusive access to any resulting intellectual property.

Innovative projects carried out on behalf of the partnership, with results presented to all partners. These projects are usually funded by EPSRC, the European Framework Programme, or other external bodies, and may involve collaboration with external research and industrial partners.