Verification and Testing Group

Mike Holcombe, (W.M.L. Holcombe), FBCS, C.Eng, FIMA, C.Math.
Professor of Computer Science, Head of Department of Computer Science 1988-1994.
Dean, Faculty of Engineering 1999-2002.

Research Interests.

  1. Theory of Computing.

  2. Testing and Formal Methods of Design.

  3. Biocomputing.


A number of EPSRC studentships will be available for PhDs in 2005/2006 these are restricted to UK residents. It is also possible to apply for University fee waivers which can be used to offset some of the fees for a PhD programme but students would still need to find suppoirt for living costs. There are no scholarships available for overseas students at present.

Microsoft Research are also offering PhD bursaries in areas at the interface of computing and subjects like biology.

Current research projects offered.

See the following link for details

Other things of interest:

A new paper on our exciting student run software house - the first in the world. "Enterprise in the computing curriculum", to appear in Ingenia the journal of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Some publications