Information Processing in Cells and Tissues.

Proceedings of IPCAT97.

Edited by Mike Holcombe and Ray Paton.

Published by Plenum Press (due Summer 1998)


Table of Contents


Signalling and Communication: An Introduction to Section 1 1

Stephen Baigent, Jaroslav Stark & Anne Warner

Some Aspects of Gap Junction Dynamics in Embryonic Systems 7

Martin Bodgan & Wolfgang Rosentiel

Real Time Processing of Nerve Signals for Controlling a Limb Prostheses 17

Teresa Ree Chay

Stimulus-Secretion Coupling in Pancreatic b -Cells Explained by Chay’s 27

Store-Operated Model

Laurence Clarke & Ray C Paton

Towards Computational Models of Chemotaxis in Escherichia coli 39

David D Friel

Three Modes of Calcium-Induced Calcium Release (CICR) in Neurons 47

Boris S Gutkin & G Bard Ermentrout

Q -neuron, a One Dimensional Spiking Model that Reproduces in vitro and in vivo 57

Spiking Characteristics of Cortical Neurons

Tim A Hely, Arjen van Ooyen & David J Willshaw

A Simulation of Growth Cone Filopodia Dynamics Based on Turing Morphogenesis 69


A V Holden, G P Kremmydas & A Bezerianos

Organ Function and Cell Behaviour: Simulating Disturbances in Ventricular 75


Mark Keulers & Hiroshi Kuriyama

Extracellular Signalling in an Oscillatory Yeast Culture 85

Rolf Kötter, Dirk Schirok & Karl Zilles

Dopamine-mediated Dephosphorylation of N/P-Type Calcium Channels in Striatal 95

Neurons: A Quantitative Model

Xiao Mang Shou & Siobhán North

The World Wide Web Cytokine Database - New Techniques of Diagrammatic 107

Information Management on the Web

Juergen Nauroschat & Uwe an der Heiden

Involvement of Receptor-Kinase in the Biochemistry Upstream from cAMP Synthesis 111

in Cells

Hiroshi Okamoto & Kazuhisa Ichikawa

Amplification of Switching Characteristics of Biochemical-Reaction Networks 125

Involving Ca2+/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II: Implication for LTP

Induced by a Single Burst during the Theta Oscillation

Stefan Schuster, Marko Marhl, Milan Brumen & Reinhart Heinrich

Influence of Calcium Binding to Proteins on Calcium Oscillations and ER Membrane 137

Potential Oscillations. A Mathematical Model

Sinéad Scullion, David Brown & Gareth Leng

A Model of LHRH 'Self-Priming' at the Pituitary 159

Ray Paton

Computation and Information An Introduction to Section 2 161

L V Beloussov

Morphomechanical Feedback in Embryonic Development 165

Mark H Butler, Ray C Paton & Paul H Leng

Information Processing in Computational Tissues 177

Jerry L R Chandler

Semiotics of Complex Systems: A Hierarchical Notation for the Mathematical 185

Structure of a Single Cell

Ron Cottam, Nils Langloh, Willy Ranson & Roger Vounckx

Localisation and Nonlocality in Computation 197

Patrik D'haeseleer, Xiling Wen, Stefanie Fuhrman & Roland Somogyi

Mining the Gene Expression Matrix: Inferring Gene Relationships from Large Scale 203

Gene Expression Data

Mike Holcombe & Alex Bell

Computational Models of Immunological Pathways 213

Felix T Hong

Control Laws in the Mesoscopic Processes of Biocomputing 227

Tsuguchika Kaminuma, Takako Igarashi, Tatsuya Nakano & Johji Miwa

A Computer System that Links Gene Expression to Spatial Organization of 243

Caenorhabditis elegans

Ray Paton & Koichiro Matsuno

Verbs, Glue and Categories in the Cellular Economy 253

Mark Shackleton & Chris Winter

A Computational Architecture Based on Cellular Processing 261

Roland Somogyi & Stefanie Fuhrman

Distributivity, a General Information Theoretic Network Measure, or Why the 273

Whole is More than the Sum of its Parts

Alexander V Spirov & Maria G Samsonova

GeNet Database as a Tool for the Analysis of Regulatory Genetic Networks 285

Jörg Wellner & Andreas Schierwagen

Cellular-Automata-like Simulations of Dynamic Neural Fields 295

Jens Zeigler, Peter Dittrich & Wolfgang Banzhaf

Towards a Metabolic Robot Control System 305

Epilogue - Concluding Discussions 319

Index 325