Software Testing Institute

Research and Consultancy in Software Testing

This institute has recently been set up to provide a focus for research, both pure and applied, in the area of software systems testing. The Institute is based within the Verification and Testing Research Group and has links with a number of other organisations and individuals involved in software testing.

Principal objectives:

  1. Research into Complete Functional Testing.
  2. Research into Safety-Critical Systems Testing.
  3. Research into Object-Oriented Software Testing.
  4. Research into Regression and Legacy Systems Testing.
  5. Research into Testing User Interfaces.
  6. Research into Testing Internet Applications.
  7. Software Testing Consultancy.
  8. Training in Effective Software Testing Methods.

Contact: Professor Mike Holcombe, Telephone - 0114 222 1802.

  • Mike Holcombe

    or you can email for further information.

  • Verification and Testing Research Group