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The information is these module descriptions is accurate for the current year only, and may be subject to change in future years.
COM160 Computer Problem Solving and Object Oriented Design
GEE106 Programming for Engineers
COM161 Introduction to Programming and Problem-Solving
COM162 Object Oriented Design and Programming with Java
COM364 Logic and Computation
COM389 Aerospace Individual Investigative Project
COM488 Aerospace Individual Investigative Project
COM1001 Introduction to Software Engineering
COM1002 Foundations of Computer Science
COM1003 Java Programming
COM1005 Machines and Intelligence
COM1006 Devices and Networks
COM1008 Web and Internet Technology
COM1009 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
COM2003 Automata, Logic and Computation
COM2004 Data Driven Computing
COM2008 Systems Design and Security
COM2009 Human Machine Interaction and Robotics
COM2107 Logic in Computer Science
COM2108 Functional Programming
COM2109 Automata, Computation and Complexity
COM3000 Biomedical Engineering Project
COM3001 Modelling and Simulation of Natural Systems
COM3004 Data Driven Computing
COM3008 Systems Design and Security
COM3009 Human Machine Interaction and Robotics
COM3105 Advanced Algorithms
COM3110 Text Processing
COM3190 Theory of Distributed Systems
COM3240 Adaptive Intelligence
COM3301 Experiencing Genesys
COM3310 Mainframe Computing
COM3330 Critical Evaluation of Industrial Opinion and Business Strategy
COM3420 Software Hut
COM3500 Individual Research Project
COM3501 Computer Security and Forensics
COM3502 Speech Processing
COM3503 3D Computer Graphics
COM3504 The Intelligent Web
COM3505 The Internet of Things
COM3517 Web Technologies
COM3550 UG Ambassadors Scheme in Computer Science
COM3610 Dissertation Project
COM4000 Biomedical Engineering Research Project
COM4115 Text Processing
COM4501 Computer Security and Forensics
COM4502 Speech Processing
COM4503 3D Computer Graphics
COM4506 Testing and Verification in Safety-Critical Systems
COM4507 Software and Hardware Verification
COM4509 Machine Learning and Adaptive Intelligence
COM4510 Software development for mobile devices
COM4511 Speech Technology
COM4513 Natural Language Processing
COM4515 Network Performance Analysis
COM4519 Cloud Computing
COM4520 Darwin Project
COM4521 Parallel Computing with Graphical Processing Units (GPUs)
COM4525 Genesys
COM6009 Modelling and Simulation of Natural Systems
COM6012 Scalable Machine Learning
COM6013 Cybersecurity and AI Dissertation Project
COM6014 Fundamental Security Properties and Mechanisms
COM6015 Development of Secure Software
COM6016 Cyber Threat Hunting and Digital Forensics
COM6017 Security of Control and Embedded Systems
COM6063 Network and Internetwork Architectures
COM6102 Advanced Java Programming
COM6103 Team Software Project
COM6104 Team Software Project (SSIT)
COM6105 Software Engineering for Internet Technology
COM6106 Adaptive Intelligence
COM6115 Text Processing
COM6116 Theory of Distributed Systems
COM6322 Computational Intelligence Individual Project
COM6471 Foundations of Object Oriented Programming
COM6501 Computer Security and Forensics
COM6502 Speech Processing
COM6503 3D Computer Graphics
COM6504 The Intelligent Web
COM6506 Testing and Verification in Safety-Critical Systems
COM6507 Software and Hardware Verification
COM6509 Machine Learning and Adaptive Intelligence
COM6510 Software development for mobile devices
COM6511 Speech Technology
COM6513 Natural Language Processing
COM6515 Network Performance Analysis
COM6516 Object Oriented Programming and Software Design
COM6517 Web Technologies
COM6519 Cloud Computing
COM6520 Darwin Project
COM6521 Parallel Computing with Graphical Processing Units (GPUs)
COM6534 Introduction to Genesys
COM6535 Genesys
COM6655 Professional Issues
COM6905 Research Methods and Professional Issues
COM6906 Dissertation Project
COM6910 Dissertation Project
COM6911 Industrial Team Project
COM6912 Individual Data Analytics Disseration Project
FCE1001 Global Engineering Challenge
FCE2001 Engineering - You're Hired